Meet MacIntosh and Burberry

“Who do those steer belong to, and what are they doing there?”

We get this question all the time, so let us make a formal introduction: Their names are MacIntosh and Burberry and they are Greenvale’s official vineyard brush-clearers. They are Scottish Highland steer, a hardy breed with thick, shaggy coats that keep them warm during our New England winters. They’ve quickly endeared themselves to both visitors and staff and have become Greenvale’s unofficial mascots (although they’re in close competition with our vineyard dogs for that title!).

Meet MacIntosh and Burberry, our brush clearersMacIntosh and Burberry came to us 10 years ago as a pair (they love companionship). They were born in the neighboring town, Middletown, on Denys Cousens’s farm, so they’re not too far from home. They spend a good part of the day munching to their hearts’ content on their favorite foods: grasses, leaves, and bread. We think they’re rather handsome and can’t imagine our farm without them!

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  1. Susan Morse says:

    Just wondering if you can ship to Maine, now. I know QVC can ship wine to Maine. I think they changed the law. Would love to be able to buy some Skipping Stone wine from you. Thanks.

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