We’re seeing purple!

This week our vineyard guests are witnessing an exciting change in the vines: our red wine grapes are starting to turn from light green to deep purple. French winemakers call this stage veraison. Since there’s no comparable word in English, we call it that, too.

It’s not only the color that’s changing. During this time the fruit transforms from acidic to sweet and fragrant. As long as the sun keeps shining and the soil stays dry, we’re in for a harvest of some very flavorful grapes this year.

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The white grapes are going through a change as well. They’re transforming from green to gold-green. It’s subtle, but if you look you can see the difference. During this time of year our guided vineyard tours include some grape-tasting (don’t worry–ripe ones only!), so now’s a great time to stop by.

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