Harvest 2011 Update

Harvest is in full swing here at Greenvale! We picked our Cayuga grapes last week and this week we’re harvesting the Pinot Gris. Our harvest began slightly earlier this year because of the unusually high amount of rain we got in September. Luckily it looks like we’ll be having nice weather for the next few days which will be very good for our grapes at this stage.

Last Wednesday and Thursday we gathered 18 tons of Cayuga! We’ll combine this harvest with Vidal Blanc grapes to produce our Skipping Stone wine.

Greenvale Vineyards's Cayuga grape harvest

This week we’ve picked 4 tons of Pinot Gris grapes so far. By Friday we’ll have harvested about 6 more tons.

Once we harvest the grapes, we bring them over to Newport Vineyards where they’ll be juiced, fermented, and bottled. Stay tuned for an update and photos on that.

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