Which wine are YOU?

Which wine are you?They say that wine is a lot like people . . . or is that people are a lot like wine? We developed this quiz to reveal which Greenvale vintage best reflects your personality.

So what are you? A Chardonnay? Cabernet Franc? Skipping Stone White? Take this quiz to uncork the answer!

  1. Your ideal Saturday is:

  2. Your favorite kind of party includes:

  3. The best kind of weather is:

  4. Your favorite kind of vacation would be:

  5. If you were giving a casual toast among friends, what would you toast to?

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3 Responses to Which wine are YOU?

  1. Arno says:

    Cool stuff. Too bad I am not particularly fond of white wines. May be I’ll try a glass of Chardonay tonight

  2. Paula Iacono says:

    I usually go for Pinot Grigio and dislike Sauvignon Blanc.

    By the way your vineyard is in RI but to buy retail you have to go to Massachusetts?
    what’s up with that?

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