Wine Profile: Elms Meritage

Greenvale's Meritage WineWhat: A blend of 55% Merlot, 41% Cabernet Franc, 4% Malbec
Description: Dry, medium bodied Bordeaux-style red
Flavor Profile: Rich aromas of berry and subtle hints of smoke in the finish

Our Elms Meritage is made with plenty of care. First we’ll tell you how to say it…then, how to savor it!

Meritage rhymes with “heritage,” and is actually a combination of the words “merit” and “heritage.” The name alone tells you that this wine is anything but ordinary. Meritage is used exclusively to describe quality, blended, Bordeaux-style wines that are produced right here in the motherland, and not in France.

The tradition of blending is often thought to be the highest form of winemaking, requiring great skill and passion. The Elms Meritage is a testament to that! According to the Meritage Alliance of American vintners, “Insight and a thorough familiarity of where grapes are sourced and their growing conditions, is key to blending excellence.”

We grow the grapes right here, and age the wine in French and American oak barrels for color, flavor and texture. The result? A high-quality, hand-crafted and hard-to-resist red that is wonderfully aromatic. Far from average, it is great alone, and can hold its own when paired with flavorful foods such as juicy steaks, game meats or goat cheese. It just might be the little black dress of Greenvale wines! It’s classy, refined and highly versatile…a perfect fit for any occasion.

And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’re not alone: we like our Elms Meritage with a bit of dark chocolate. It really draws out the wine’s fruity notes and stands up to its dryness. Heck, even Oprah has vouched for the perfection of a Meritage/dark chocolate combination, so you KNOW it’s worth a try.

Go on, enjoy our rich Meritage! Have a question? Post it below in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

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