Wine Profile: Chardonnay

Description: Dry, bright white wine
Flavor Profile: Fruit character, soft vanilla aromas and subtle butter in the finish
Fermentation: French Oak barrels

Greenvale ChardonnayComplexity. It is not often smiled upon when it comes to relationships or math problems. Let’s face it: we live in a day and age where everyone is looking to simplify.

But when it comes to Greenvale’s Chardonnay, we depend on complexity! The white wine’s rich flavor is anything but simple, and that is just what people love about it. After all, according to renowned U.S. wine critic Robert Parker “…a complex wine is a wine that the taster never gets bored with and finds interesting to drink. Complex wines tend to have a variety of subtle scents and flavors that hold one’s interest in the wine.” Our Chardonnay is dry, well balanced and fruity, with vanilla and buttery notes that are rounded out in the finish.

But you can’t pluck some grapes from the vine, squeeze them with your hands and come up with an award-winning white wine…that would just be too elementary! Just like its flavor, the winemaking stage in our Chardonnay production known as malolactic fermentation is also very elaborate. This early part of the process introduces the very flavor complexity and texture that characterizes the soon-to-be Chardonnay. Our winemaker, Richard spends weeks overseeing the fermentation. Grape juice is stored in gently used French Oak barrels, and stirring it regularly mixes yeast and grape solids with fermented juice for incredible texture. It also picks up lovely oak flavors from the barrels for even more depth. Taste tests ensure that fermentation is on track and that the wine tastes just right.

Our oaked Chardonnay can easily hold its own or complement shrimp, lobster, scallops or veal in a rich, buttery cream sauce. Pair it with textured, savory flavors in risotto, squash or beans to draw out a nutty richness. With our Chardonnay, you’re drinking luxuriously, so why not eat that way, too? Enjoy!

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