Wine Profile: Pinot Gris

Greenvale Vineyards Pinot GrisDescription: A delicate, dry, aromatic white
Flavor Profile: Fruit notes with a pleasant finish
Fermentation: Stainless steel

We sure like it here on Aquidneck Island, and fortunately for Pinot-loving paletes, our Pinot Gris grapes do, too. Nestled along the Sakonnet River, Greenvale’s rich soil and temperate climate make it an ideal place for grapes to grow. The Pinot Gris, or “gray pine cones” got their name because they are reddish-gray in color and grow in tight cluster formation. They are said to be a mutation of the red Pinot Noir grape, and produce very popular light, crisp wines that are best served chilled.

So, you’ve never tried a Pinot Gris, but you’ve sampled Pinot Grigio? Don’t be fooled. They’re the same grape, with slightly different names and styles. Pinot Gris is from France’s Alsace region, and is sweet with more body and fruit aromas. Pinot Grigio hails from northern Italy, near the Alps, and is light with citric flavors. Like any wine, the taste depends heavily on the region it comes from and winemaking style it is produced with, which is why we’re so glad the Pinot Gris grapes thrive here. The refreshing wine is characteristically fruity and its very best flavors can be savored with a freshly opened bottle.

Pair your Pinot Grig with light dishes such as a fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil salad topped with just a drizzle of balsamic. The connoisseurs of the New York Times Dining & Wine section suggest this match made in heaven: “A rich fish like Arctic char could bridge several styles of pinot gris, especially when roasted with a mellow filling of sautéed leeks and fennel and given a splash of white wine-butter sauce sharpened with a touch of vinegar.” Is your mouth watering yet? Cheers!

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