The Art Behind The Blend
Why we blend wines at Greenvale Vineyards

What is a blend? ? Blended wines combine two or more grape varieties to create a whole new tasting experience. The technique is common practice among winemakers around the world, and your favorite wine might be a blend without you even knowing. For example, Bordeaux wines often blend Cabernet Sauvignon for body, Merlot for balance and Cabernet Franc for aroma and color. Greenvale’s Meritage is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Malbec grapes. Our Skipping Stone and Cabernet Franc are also blends.

So, why blend? The real question is, why not? Here are the top 3 reasons that winemakers blend wines:

1. Blending Adds Complexity. Blending adds complexity and depth to make wines more interesting. Each grape variety has its signature characteristics, flavors and textures. Blending fuses the best of everything, adding layers of flavor to make wine multi-dimensional.

2. Blends Create a Unique Experience. Winemakers want to offer you a memorable experience, and blending is considered a craft. They cared for the vines, monitored growing conditions and innately understand each grape variety’s characteristics.

The climate, soil and duration of the growing season always affects how ripe grapes are, how acidic or sweet they will be, and, ultimately, how the wine tastes. Winemakers know what to expect, and how to produce the best blend, taking all of this into account.

3. Blending Plays-Up Strengths and Downplays Weaknesses. Blending is a lot like perfecting a recipe. Where you’d add a pinch of salt or certain spice to a dish, you can add certain grape varieties to balance your finished product.

The blending process can also improve certain qualities as desired, such as the body, finish or aroma. Merlot can help make a wine smoother. Cabernet Franc can add fruity notes, and Cabernet Sauvignon can make the flavor bolder.

Blending can lower acidity, adjust sweetness or dryness (determined by the consumption of sugar by yeast). It can add aroma or deepen color.

It offers a chance to the winemaker to adjust and perfect a wine by balancing it to their liking. Blending wine is a common practice for fine-tuning and perfecting flavors and finishes to create the ideal wine!

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