We are humbled and honored.


Allie Muirhead, Brittany Muirhead, Hever Ortega, Maggie Harnett, Nancy Parker Wilson, Nancy Parker,Bridget Little, Christiana O’Connor, Rena Lee, Brian Schopfer, Tracey Berube and Billy Wilson.

Last week was an exciting one for us. Greenvale Vineyards was named Portsmouth’s Business of the Year during the annual meeting of the Portsmouth Business Association. We are proud of our long history in a great town. Greenvale’s first generation of family members raised prize- winning livestock in 1863; the fifth generation produces prize-winning wines. Portsmouth is a town with a rich history, a wonderful community, and incredible natural beauty – perfect for growing grapes. We are honored to be recognized by the PBA and look forward to many more years as a member of the business community here.

Every business is defined by the quality of its employees. We, Nancy Parker, Nancy Parker Wilson and Bill Wilson, would like to take this moment to acknowledge our employees, many of whom have been with us for over 10 years and some 25 years.

Bridget Little Torrey was our first Tasting Room Manager in 1999. She no longer works at Greenvale and is very busy at the Glen with husband Ted Torrey and their two children. They live and work nearby and we always enjoy our visits.

Our second Tasting Room Manager was Tracey Berube who still makes guest appearances both on and off site for tastings and other farm related activities. Tracey’s experience both in the tasting room and outside in the vines landed her a role as vineyard manager in one of Jamestown’s privately owned vineyards.

Our third Tasting Room Manager was Brian Schopfer. Brian worked in the tasting room for his first few years at Greenvale, but quickly transitioned into Farm Manager where his ample woodworking skills and over-all handiness keep our historic farm looking idyllic.

We depend on Hever Ortega to care for our most important asset: our grape vines. He’s been the vineyard manager at Greenvale since 1990 so this year marks his 24th anniversary with us! Raised on a cattle ranch in Guatamala, his understanding of plants and animals is insurmountable.

Richard Carmichael has been with Greenvale since 1997. Having received his Enology degree at Fresno State, Richard worked in California and Virginia before joining Greenvale. With Richard’s hands-on yet scholarly and curious approach in both the vineyards and the winery he is able to create the award-winning line of estate wines Greenvale produces today. Edible Rhody awarded him artesanal beverage maker of the year in 2012.

Maggie Harnett got her start in the summer of 2007. She returned full-time in 2010 as Tasting Room and Events Manager. Her role in the tasting room along with her active role with the Coastal Wine Trail makes Greenvale a stand-out tourist destination. Maggie is in the center of a very dynamic place. Between the vineyards, the visitors, the cows, and answering the phone Maggie is right in the center managing it all!

There are many others who have made Greenvale the success it is today who have worked in the vineyards, the hay fields, the tasting room, the bottling line, the caterers we work with, Newport Tent, our web site gurus to name a few. Pictured here are Allie Muirhead, Brittany Muirhead, Hever Ortega, Maggie Harnett, Nancy Parker Wilson, Nancy Parker,Bridget Little, Christiana O’Connor, Rena Lee, Brian Schopfer, Tracey Berube and Billy Wilson. We are immensely grateful to all of them for their dedication and commitment to Greenvale.

Portsmouth Business Association President John C. Farley said of Greenvale: “Greenvale Vineyards is a great example of the entrepreneurial spirit required to start and run a small business. Greenvale has become a leader in agriculture and tourism initiatives and an active and highly respected participant in our business community.” Thank you, John. Cheers to the PBA and everything it’s done for Portsmouth businesses.

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