Meet the Vineyard Dogs!

If you’ve visited us here at the vineyard you know that we have more than a couple furry friends who roam free on the farm. They’ve become such a part of this place that all of us who work here know it just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Maude accompanies our wine maker, Richard, while he’s out inspecting the vines; Maggie attends meetings with vineyard owner, Nancy; Rex tags along with Tracey, a longtime Greenvale employee who recently became a vineyard manager over at a farm in Jamestown. (She makes guest appearance occasionally and brings Rex with her.) And sweet Rocky wanders over from our neighbor’s, the Vickers, home just to check in on things and explore the farm.

We put together a little roll call so you can say hello next time you see them.









If you have a friendly dog-friend of your own (who doesn’t mind a leash), feel free to bring him/her along with you on your next visit! We’d love to get acquainted.

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