Spindrift Soap, Now Made With Wine!

Spindrift-soap-Greenvale-VineyardsYou’ve heard of stomping grapes, but what about washing up with wine? The Spindrift Soap Company has created a unique way to enjoy Greenvale wines: by infusing handmade soaps with it. Our Cabernet Franc, Vidal Blanc and Skipping Stone White are the main ingredients of Spindrift Soap’s latest creations.

It all started a year ago, when Newport resident Colby Field grew sick of store-bought soaps that dried-out his skin. He began searching for the finest ingredients to nourish the skin. “I started my company because I could not find a good bar of soap that would truly moisturize my skin,” he shares. “Beer and wine is a great additive to soap and supplies the skin with the nutrients and moisture it craves.”

Wine acts as a deep moisturizer, but why else does Spindrift feature it as the base of its soaps? Here are some of the top skin benefits:

• Soothing and gentle, even on sensitive skin
• High in anti-oxidants to protect skin from damaging factors
• Rich in nourishing minerals and vitamins
• Natural sugars improve lather
• Naturally aromatic and fragrant, without overpowering

Spindrift’s soap also includes essential oils, aloe vera juice, shea butter and other wholesome ingredients. We’re excited to offer Spindrift’s wine-infused soaps for purchase in our tasting room and on our website, so come on by and check them out, or at least give them a sniff—they smell incredible!

You already know that our wine is delicious. Now give your skin a taste!

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