The Don’ts of Wine Tasting

We recently posted on this blog about what you can expect at a wine tasting at Greenvale Vineyards. Since we want you to feel comfortable here, the tasting room staff thought it might be helpful to mention a few things to avoid doing to help ensure you have the best possible experience. Here they are:

  • Don’t Wear Overpowering Fragrances: Have you ever walked into a candle shop, and almost been able to taste the fragrances? Maybe you even got a bit of a headache from the mix of scents. When it comes to wine tasting, strong scents can interrupt your experience. You may want to skip perfumes and colognes that could overpower subtle notes and fragrances in the wine.
  • Don’t Taste Out of Order: There’s a lot of thought behind the wine tasting list we provide. As a general rule it’s best to taste dry before less dry. Less dry wines will over power the drier wine and it will also turn a drier wine sour if tasted first. Next…whites before reds. This is because reds tend to be heavier and more powerful. Red wine typically has stronger notes that could overpower your palate and skew your perception of the white varieties.
  • Don’t Be Shy: Ask us questions and make conversation with your fellow tasters. We’re here to help and we’re more than happy to answer questions about the winery and our varieties.
  • Don’t Feel Pressured: Wine tasting does not require certain knowledge or skills. The important thing is finding out what you like most. We welcome everyone, from beginners to sommeliers.

We also realize that you might not fall in love with every wine you sample. Everyone comes with different preferences. Don’t feel obligated to finish a certain wine if it’s not your favorite. We have something for everyone, so keep on sampling!

The biggest thing to remember is that you’re here to have fun, so come on by and do just that. If we can make your experience more comfortable, don’t hesitate to ask.

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