Greenvale Expands Music Offerings

One of our favorite traditions here at the vineyard has been hosting wine tastings alongside our Summer Jazz Series. Guests sip our estate-grown wines either in our tasting room or outside on our patio each Saturday afternoon, May through December. We’ve showcased a wide array of talented musicians here at our vineyard, some who have traveled all over the world. We host special annual music events in addition to our Saturday jazz series. Once a year we invite kids of all ages to enjoy a live jazz concert (the grape juice we serve them comes in a box with a straw!). They love hearing their favorite songs performed by professional jazz musicians, and we do, too. We also host a very special event we call Mathew Fest, dedicated to the musician, Matthew Quinn, who created our Summer Jazz series and who was a longtime performer here at Greenvale.

julie rhodes-greenvale-vineyards-middletown-rhode-island

Julie Rhodes live at Greenvale Vineyards

Live music has become such a favorite here at the vineyard that we’ve added more performances than ever to our lineup this summer. You’re invited to come down and enjoy music on Fridays from 6-8pm (tickets are $10); Saturday from 1-4pm (tickets are $10); and Sunday from 2-5pm (no charge for tickets). Saturdays will always remain dedicated to jazz, but on Fridays and Sundays we host a wider variety of musical styles, from folk music to country blues.

Taste eight of our wines while you enjoy the sounds of musicians including Dick Lupino, George Zecher, Pat Cardeiro, Rick Wells, and more. We’re also featuring some acts that have performed at the Newport Folk Festival and venues across the country.

Pack your own picnic or pick up a bite from one of the local food trucks that may stop by. Visit our website to view our events calendar. Follow us on Facebook for the latest on our lineup and other announcements. We’ll see you soon!

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