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A Week as a Winemaker During Harvest
by Richard Carmichael, Greenvale's winemaker

Ever wondered what it takes to be a winemaker? We asked Greenvale’s winemaker, Richard Carmichael, to give us an overview of what his typical week is like during harvest season. Pre-Harvest: It’s my job to make the official judgment call … Continue reading

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A Welcomed Visitor: Bobolinks find a happy home at Greenvale

Bobolink. This joyful little songbird has a name that’s fun to say—and they’re even more fun to look at. Male bobolinks are said to look like they put their clothes (or a tuxedo) on backwards. They have white backs and … Continue reading

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Staff Profile: Brian Schopfer, Farm Manager at Greenvale Vineyards

While Brian’s main responsibilities include looking after the three important structures at Greenvale Vineyards, he has also been known to help with the harvest, offer wine pairing recommendations to visitors, and deliver friendly belly-rubs to the vineyard dogs. We asked him some questions about his experience at Greenvale.

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Meet the Vineyard Dogs!

If you’ve visited us here at the vineyard you know that we have more than a couple furry friends who roam free on the farm. They’ve become such a part of this place that all of us who work here know it just wouldn’t be the same without them.

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Harvest Video

Check out this short video about harvest at Greenvale!

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Staff Profile: Hever Ortega, Vineyard Manager

Here at Greenvale, we’re proud to say we have 24,000 growing vines, and one heck of a vineyard manager. Hever Ortega , our resident “grapes-keeper,” gives T.L.C. to each and every vine while overseeing landscaping efforts with a smile.

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Staff Profile: Richard Carmichael, Winemaker

There is no such thing as “business as usual” in the life of our winemaker, Richard Carmichael. So, what’s a typical day for him? That depends on the season. As June and July ease us into the dog days of summer, his focus is on the vines and bottling blends for two chardonnays and two reds. “It’s kind of a grab bag of things between the vineyard and cellar,” he says.

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Wedding Bells at Greenvale

In August we hosted an elegant, joyous affair at our vineyard: the marriage of Michael and Keera. It was a beautiful day none of us will soon forget. Below are some gorgeous photos by Tyra Bleek you can check out! … Continue reading

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Nancy Parker Wilson of Greenvale selected as a “Trender” by GoLocalProv!

We’re thrilled to have been chosen as a “Trender” by GoLocalProv and profiled by Didi Lorillard. Read the full interview on GoLocalProv. Read the full article here.

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Meet MacIntosh and Burberry

“Who do those steer belong to, and what are they doing there?”

We get this question all the time, so let us make a formal introduction: Their names are MacIntosh and Burberry and they are Greenvale’s official vineyard brush-clearers. They are Scottish Highland steer, which is a hardy breed and very nicely suited for this climate. Their thick, shaggy coats keep them warm during our New England winters. They’ve quickly endeared themselves to

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