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Beef Stew

During this chilly winter days one of my favorite meals is a warm beef stew and a glass of Cabernet Franc. Here’s a great recipe. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

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Vampire Sangria Recipe

Halloween doesn’t have to be just for kids! Treat yourself to a tasty adult beverage while the kids are out trick-or-treating. Try this recipe for “vampire sangria” inspired by Bobby Flay.

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Peach and White Wine Sorbet

With peaches in season this time of year we thought it would be a tasty experiment to see how we can enjoy them with our wines. This recipe for peach and white wine sorbet by Cassie Johnston will have you stocking up on ingredients!

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A Harvest Season Pairing: Pretzel & Apple Dressed Pork Tenderloin with Cabernet Franc

This time of year we like to enjoy the harvest bounty by preparing soul-warming home cooked meals. We asked Chef Scott of Cory’s Kitchen at Sweet Berry Farm to share with us a recipe he likes to prepare in the fall. With its roasted apples, onions, pretzels, and pork, this recipe is a tribute to the harvest season.

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What We’re Drinking: Fall Wine Selections From Our Tasting Room Staff

Fall in New England is the best time of the year, and what better way to enjoy it than by treating yourself to a delicious meal paired well with a locally made wine? We asked three of our staff members to tell us which wine they’re enjoying the most this fall. What are you sipping? Tell us on Facebook or by leaving a comment below.

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Like your wine chilled? Try this: Wine sorbet

If you’re a fan of Skipping Stone, you probably know that it goes great with cheeses and spicy foods (try this recipe for Pita Pizza with Chorizo & Ricotta). The summer heat inspired us to discover another way to enjoy … Continue reading

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Chill a bottle of Skipping Stone and fire-up the grill
: Barbecued Pita Pizza with Chorizo, Ricotta & Watercress

There’s the old adage about “if it grows together it goes together.” We’ve discovered that several of our wines pair nicely with cheeses made locally by Narragansett Creamery.

The cheese makers over at Narragansett only use milk produced by local, grass-fed cows which undoubtedly is what gives their cheese its fresh, distinct flavor. We sampled their Renaissance Ricotta which is kettle heated, hand-dipped, and un-homogenized. Below is a delicious summer recipe for

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Sizzling Steaks and Cabernet Franc

As we start making about cookout plans for the Fourth, we thought we’d share with you one of our favorite recipes for grilled steak. Seasoned with rosemary and garlic, this is the perfect flavor combination to enjoy with a glass of Cabernet Franc. It brings out the rosemary flavor in the marinade and balances well with the beef.

This recipe comes from the beef experts over at Aquidneck Farms, just down the road from us. The cows they raise are all 100% grass-fed which is why

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A Honey & Wine Pairing

Honey and wine are a natural pairing—in fact, the ancients used to make wine from honey, known as Mead. Jeff Mello of Aquidneck Honey stopped by recently to share some of his cut comb honey with us. While Jeff’s hives are selectively placed throughout Aquidneck Island, some are located within a quarter-mile of our vineyard, so we consider him a neighbor!

We sampled the cut comb honey on locally made artisan bread along with Asiago

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