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Leaf Pulling

If you stop by the vineyard this month, you may see our vineyard crew plucking leaves from the vines. Since that’s not something you’d do to your own plants, it may seem surprising. We pull leaves to make our grapes are as flavorful as possible. Removing the leaves that are shading the fruit not only

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Canary in the Coalmine

While the grapes are enjoying the summer breeze and soaking up the rays, we’re hovering around the vines to make sure everything is coming along nicely. Buds? Check. Bloom? Check. Healthy leaves? Check—so far, that is.

You may think our red rose bush

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It’s finally that exciting time of the year when we know that the vines are going to be OK. We’ve observed them carefully as they’ve sprouted buds, put out new shoots, until the stage we call “bloom,” when, you guessed it, our vines begin flowering. Grape flowers may not look like your average flower, but they technically do have all the

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Raising Cane

Now that our vines are happily growing, it’s time to rein them in a bit. Our vineyard crew has tied the canes to a fixed wire, also called the “fruiting wire.” It’s part of the overall canopy management so that the plants produce the best grapes possible. It’s technically referred to as “training new shoots,” but some of us jokingly refer to it as “raising cane”. Now that the shoots are starting to grow, we’re graduating them to the moveable catch wire. This will help to support them as

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We’re Thinning Our Shoots

It’s shoot thinning season here at Greenvale. It’s the first step in what’s called “canopy management” which is intended to encourage the vines to be strong and produce high quality fruit. Our goal is to create an open canopy that allows for air movement and lets the sun through.

We make it a point to conserve some news buds at the bottom of the trunk as “insurance”. In the event of significant trunk damage,

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They’re alive!

We know spring is in full effect here at Greenvale because our Cauyuga vines have sprouted buds! It’s what we call budbreak. We’re all very happy to see that our vines are waking up from their long winter’s nap. Budbreak is always exciting and

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Getting Started on the Right Foot: Pruning & Tying the Vines

We’re coming to the end of our pruning season here at Greenvale. Since early December we’ve been carefully clipping back our vines to help them become strong and productive this season.

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