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A Week as a Winemaker During Harvest
by Richard Carmichael, Greenvale's winemaker

Ever wondered what it takes to be a winemaker? We asked Greenvale’s winemaker, Richard Carmichael, to give us an overview of what his typical week is like during harvest season. Pre-Harvest: It’s my job to make the official judgment call … Continue reading

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Roll Out The Barrel: How Oak Barrel Aging Affects Wine

While it may not be on the top of your mind as you pour yourself a glass, winemakers put great thought into the container in which your wine ages and how it affect the final product.

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The Art Behind The Blend
Why we blend wines at Greenvale Vineyards

What is a blend? Blended wines combine two or more grape varieties to create a whole new tasting experience. The technique is common practice among winemakers around the world, and your favorite wine might be a blend without you even knowing. For example, Bordeaux wines often blend Cabernet Sauvignon for body, Merlot for balance and Cabernet Franc for aroma and color. Greenvale’s Elms Meritage is a blend of 55% Merlot grapes, 41% Cabernet Franc, and 4% Malbec. Our Skipping Stone and Cabernet Franc are also blends.

So, why blend? The real question is, why not? Here are the top 3 reasons that winemakers blend wines:

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Wine Lingo

Occasionally on this blog we drop some industry terms that may leave you puzzled. We’ve gathered some of them here to help up your “wine cred”. Any terms we overlooked that you’d like us to define?

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Wine Profile: Elms Meritage

What It Is: A blend of 55% Merlot, 41% Cabernet Franc, 4% Malbec
Description: Dry, medium bodied Bordeaux-style red
Flavor Profile: Rich aromas of berry and subtle hints of smoke in the finish

Our Elms Meritage is made with plenty of care. First we’ll tell you how to say it…then, how to savor it!

Meritage rhymes with “heritage,” and is actually a combination of the words “merit” and “heritage.” The name alone tells you that this wine is anything but ordinary. Meritage is used exclusively to describe quality, blended, Bordeaux-style wines that are produced right here in the motherland, and not in France.

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A Cork is Born

If anyone ever told you corks don’t grow on trees, they’re mistaken. The truth is, the stuff that preserves your favorite wine is actually thick, grey oak tree bark!

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Harvest Video

Check out this short video about harvest at Greenvale!

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Harvest 2012 Has Begun!

Harvest season has finally come to Greenvale! Last Sunday, Richard Carmichael- our winemaker- made the decision to harvest the Cayuga and Vidal grapes we planted in March to start off the winemaking season. The staff at Greenvale took on the major task of hand picking the grapes and by the end of the day had harvest 9.9 tons of Cayuga grapes and 1.4 tons of Vidal grapes.

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Cork to Cap Conversion

On your next visit to Greenvale, don’t be surprised if you hear someone say, “Hey, I like your new top!” Now, it’s nothing against what you’ll be wearing, but they’ll be talking to us, as we introduce new screwtops for some of your old favorites!

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Wine Profile: Skipping Stone

For many years our Skipping Stone white wine has been our most popular seller. Our customers tell us that they like its balance of sweetness and acidity. That’s also what makes it such a versatile wine. We think cheese pairs with it really well, as well as spicy foods.

Our favorite aspect of Skipping Stone is that it’s unique to Greenvale.

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