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Pressing our Merlot

In our last post we showed you how we use the basket press to process small batches of fermented grapes. This week we want to show you how we use the big press. The purpose of the press is to … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: Hand-pressed wine

Back in November our winemaker, Richard, pressed a portion of the Cabernet Franc grapes by hand. He used a traditional basket press to do the job, a design that’s been used by winemakers for thousands of years. It’s labor-intensive, but worthwhile. “The method you use to ferment wine depends on the age of the vine,” explains Richard.

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Making our Chardonnay

Now that the harvesting work is complete, we’re focusing on fermenting our grape juice into wine. This past Monday our winemaker, Richard, was at work overseeing an early stage of the winemaking process called malolactic fermentation.

This process introduces flavor complexity and texture to the wine. Richard will stir every barrel each week until

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We’re Crushing

Last Friday evening our vineyard crew crushed our 4-ton harvest of Cabernet Franc grapes. Instead of crushing them with our bare feet (as in one of our favorite episodes of the “I Love Lucy” show) we use a “crusher/destemmer” machine gently squeeze the grapes and break the skins. It also

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