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Wine Profile: Chardonnay Select

It is often said that fine wine gets better with age. Well, our Chardonnay Select proves this is also true of grape vines! The older the vines, the better. And this full-bodied white with notes of vanilla and honey comes from vines that will turn the big 3-0 next year. With age, the vines yield fewer grapes, but produce more concentrated, refined and multi-dimensional wines. We’ll drink to that!

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Wine Profile: Pinot Gris

We sure like it here on Aquidneck Island, and fortunately for Pinot-loving paletes, our Pinot Gris grapes do, too. Nestled along the Sakonnet River, Greenvale’s rich soil and temperate climate make it an ideal place for grapes to grow. The Pinot Grig, or “gray pine cones” got their name because they are reddish-gray in color and grow in tight cluster formation. They are said to be a mutation of the red Pinot Noir grape, and produce very popular light, crisp wines that are best served chilled.

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Wine Profile: Vidal Blanc

What do you get when you cross Ugni Blanc and Seibel grapes? (No, this isn’t a setup for a bad joke!) The result is the Vidal French hybrid grapes that make our Vidal Blanc wine – a Greenvale favorite. The Vidal Blanc is aromatic, flavorful and clean. It’s like the puggle – an adorable crossbreed dog of a Pug and a Beagle; or a trendy Prius, which runs efficiently on battery power AND gasoline. It combines the best of both worlds!

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Wine Profile: Chardonnay

Complexity. It is not often smiled upon when it comes to relationships or math problems. Let’s face it: we live in a day and age where everyone is looking to simplify.

But when it comes to Greenvale’s Chardonnay, we depend on complexity!

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Wine Profile: Elms Meritage

What It Is: A blend of 55% Merlot, 41% Cabernet Franc, 4% Malbec
Description: Dry, medium bodied Bordeaux-style red
Flavor Profile: Rich aromas of berry and subtle hints of smoke in the finish

Our Elms Meritage is made with plenty of care. First we’ll tell you how to say it…then, how to savor it!

Meritage rhymes with “heritage,” and is actually a combination of the words “merit” and “heritage.” The name alone tells you that this wine is anything but ordinary. Meritage is used exclusively to describe quality, blended, Bordeaux-style wines that are produced right here in the motherland, and not in France.

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Which wine are YOU?

They say that wine is a lot like people . . . or is that people are a lot like wine? We developed this quiz to reveal which of our wines best reflects your personality.

So what are you? A Chardonnay? Cabernet Franc? Skipping Stone White? Take this quiz to uncork the answer!

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Wine Profile: Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc grows well for us here at Greenvale. It’s naturally suited to our climate since it’s especially cold-hardy. It also ripens earlier than many other reds which is valuable to us since we have a relatively short growing season here in New England. This grape, which we call “Cab Franc” around here, is one of the twenty most widely planted grape varieties across the world.

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Wine Profile: Skipping Stone

For many years our Skipping Stone white wine has been our most popular seller. Our customers tell us that they like its balance of sweetness and acidity. That’s also what makes it such a versatile wine. We think cheese pairs with it really well, as well as spicy foods.

Our favorite aspect of Skipping Stone is that it’s unique to Greenvale.

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