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The Don’ts of Wine Tasting

We recently posted on this blog about what you can expect at a wine tasting at Greenvale Vineyards. Since we want you to feel comfortable here, the tasting room staff thought it might be helpful to mention a few things to avoid doing to help ensure you have the best possible experience. Here they are:

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What to Expect at a Wine Tasting at Greenvale Vineyards

Some people seem kind of nervous when they visit our tasting room for the first time. They may think that tasting wine requires specials skills, knowledge, or etiquette of some kind. So to put you at ease before your visit, we’ll spell out exactly what you can expect during a wine tasting at Greenvale Vineyards.

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Why Wine Serving Temperatures Matter
By Maggie Harnett, Tasting Room Manager

A hot bowl of soup can warm your soul on a brisk night, and there’s nothing more refreshing than an ice cold drink in summertime. Though we don’t always stop and think about it, temperature plays in a big role … Continue reading

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