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Greenvale Vineyards Mission Statement

Greenvale Vineyards’ produces signature wines on a family farm, by having control over the process from start to finish
Our goal is to produce outstanding wines. Our farm was established in 1863, on a special sloping waterfront site along the Sakonnet River. In 1983 we set out to produce high quality fruit, and then to craft a series of wines that have gained national attention. Around 2012, food and wines on line presence F/x sited the seven places to go outside of Napa. Greenvale was one of them. The author recommended our Chardonnay.
Our consistent quality comes from four interrelated guiding values:
The first is being authentic. We take pride in the fact that our wines are made only from our own grapes. We believe that great wines express their region, and also that that there is a critical  integrity to each region and to Coastal New England  specifically that comes out in the spectrum of grapes that flourish here. An industry leader,  Greenvale pioneered Chardonnay in 1984, Cabernet Franc in 1984, Pinot Gris in 2001 and Albariño in 2012.
The second is caring and the importance of attention to detail.  We believe in controlling the process from start to finish. We take pride in our viticultural techniques. We have outstanding soils, topography and climate. Our vineyard team, led by Hever Ortega, proactively cultivates the varietals and hybrids around the challenges of each unique growing season. We also believe in uncompromising wine-making, taking the time to work with each vintage. The team of Richard Carmichael and Billy Wilson aim for the highest level, each year. They also select the vines, the trellising technique, the canopy management and oversee the soil nutrition, allowing each of the nine grape varietals to reach optimal quality.
Thirdly, believe in stewardship. Greenvale is a special place, steeped in history since 1863, and recognized as a historic landmark. Founded as a 60 acre  agricultural utopian farm, following a concept described in a popular book ” Country Life” by Robert Morris Copeland, Greenvale was a farm retreat.
The vineyard is a development of the Country Life concept, and was incorporated by vintner Nancy Wilson in 1988, and is now co led by both Nancy and her son Bill. Greenvale has become New England’s premier vineyard, and at the same time shows the importance of protecting open space  land and the intelligent use of modern agricultural techniques.
Lastly, and most importantly, we are about farm and family.  Now in its eighth generation, Greenvale is a family run business and we work together to keep Greenvale relevant. The Country Life concept was a call to return to nature espoused by Jefferson, Emerson and Thoreau. The Wilsons, five children, three grandchildren, have returned Greenvale to its original founding mission, to demonstrate the power and value of pursuing an agricultural life in a unique and historic setting.