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An Outdoor Wine Experience

Tasting Room

Enjoy our waterfront, pastural environment with ample outdoor seating and picnicking areas. Our 100% estate-grown wines are provided by the glass, or “flight” (a sampling).

Important Vineyard rules: 

  • For groups over 8 people to 15 maximum:
    • Must call ahead and get confirmation before showing up.
    • "Picnic style" only in designated area. - No Access to the vinyard tables neither chairs -
    • You may bring your own blanket/chairs to enjoy our wines within the vines.
    • You may bring "snacks" respecting our Take-in / Take-out policy.

For further information: 
Contact us
(401) 847-3777

Winter Hours (January through February):
Thursday: 11AM – 5PM
Friday: 11AM – 5PM
Saturday: 11AM to 5PM
Sunday: Noon to 5pm

Summer Hours (March through December):
Monday: 11AM – 5PM
Tuesday: 11AM – 5PM
Wednesday: 11AM – 5PM
Thursday: 11AM – 5PM
Friday: 11AM – 5PM
Saturday: 11AM – 6PM
Sunday: Noon – 5PM

582 Wapping Road

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Tracy Michaels

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